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Most every day, all around the world, some industry, technology group, city, state or country is holding an "Innovation Week." These innovation events help interested parties focus on what's new and how to innovate.

Innovation is exciting! A search for the term "Innovation" produces almost 6 Billion search results. When it comes to visibility, "Innovation" has half the popularity of "Money!"

We're Oviture™. Our team and partners are leading a global revolution in big business innovation. This revolution will result massive disruption and the redesign of most every big business.

Our goal for the Innovation Week platform is to "get the best minds on the biggest problems."

To do that, we've created the only Innovation Week Platform and Innovation Week directory. We produce our own branded and proprietary Oviture Innovation Weeks. We also provide our customizable software and Innovation Week expertise to others.

This website will be re-launched soon. Until then, please check out the 2020 Innovation Week Map below. Please give us a call if you'd like more information:

844 INNOV8 (844) 646-6688


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