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A Global Big Business Revolution

We're Oviture™. Our team and partners are leading a global revolution in big business innovation.

Hyperchanges™ are causing massive disruption in marketplaces and the actual structure of business. According to McKinsey & Company™, the average age of an S&P company in 1958 was about 60 years. Today it's less than 20 years! Current methods for running big businesses simply won't work for businesses with such short lifespans.

Will we ever go back to "normal?" No, the pace of change will only increase. Hyperchanges, along with other societal problems will destabilize businesses, governments and individuals for the foreseeable future. Without a plan and resources to protect everyone, the next 20 to 50 years could be very difficult for the world as a whole. Add to that societal and environmental challenges, and it's clear that more solutions are needed quickly. That means innovation and lots of it!

Why Innovation Weeks and Why Now?

In 2010 Bill Gates asked a University of Chicago audience to consider whether "the brightest minds are working on the most important problems." Bill thought that goal was important...we do too.

We asked ourselves, "how exactly could we do that?" After some research, we realized that four things would be required:

  • A database of the brightest minds (Innovators)

  • A database of the most important problems (Challenges)

  • A way to bring Innovators and Challenges together (Events)

  • A value exchange system to reward Innovators (Ecosystem)

We think we've come up with a solution to the challenge posed by Bill Gates! For the past twenty years, communities around the world have been coming together to discuss how to innovate. These events are commonly called "innovation weeks." Using that concept as an inspiration, Oviture has created the World's only Innovation Week Platform and Innovation Week directory..

Oviture Innovation Weeks, are big, interesting and inclusive. We don't just cover tech innovation...we discuss social innovation, personal innovation and other topics. Most importantly, all Innovation Weeks are federated using our proprietary technology. Start in one city and easily jump to another city on for the same topic. The world's first geographical innovation browser!

  • We produced special software uniquely suited to producing an Innovation Week

  • We designed an Oviture™ Innovation week format that was easily reproducible.

  • We developed a management process for an Innovation Week to produce a consistent output.

We even provide our customizable software and Innovation Week expertise to others that want to create their own Innovation Week.

We'll be making some additional announcements soon! Questions?

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Call for Presentations and Other Content!

Oviture Innovation Weeks is looking for great content from local innovation experts. If you're a speaker, writer, photographer, artist, or other content creator, we want to hear from you. Complete the quick and easy application form.

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